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Wedding Memento Dolls

A wonderful and original gift for yourself or your wedding party is the creation of Wedding Mascots for your special day. Wedding dolls are a wonderful memento and our Bridesmaid and Pageboy Dolls make a very unique and special gift for attendants – the dolls can even wear garments made from the same fabric as their own wedding outfits.

Bride, Bridegroom* and Attendants Dolls are all custom orders, each from £185 +p&p

*Excludes Military Uniform Dolls – see Keepsake Dolls

A doll for the Bride ...

Commemorate your special day with a beautiful bespoke wedding doll using fabric to match your wedding dress or after the event use part of your actual wedding dress to fashion a memento of that day.

For the Groom ...

We can create a groom doll with suit and waistcoat, embroidering names and dates on the waistcoat or bridal dress.

For Bridesmaids & Pageboys ...

For your bridesmaids or pageboy we can create a doll inspired by the style of their dress.  Perhaps your little bridesmaid would enjoy carrying a pretty doll instead of flowers on the day, or love to find a beautiful doll gift at the reception.

Contact us with your ideas and we can discuss the possibilities, fabrics and designs to create that really special Alice Maud Keepsake.

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