Product stock levels

How many Dolls do you stock?

We have many dolls but each one is then customised to meet your order selection.  In selecting a "name" in the on-line shop, you are choosing that garment, and then customising the Doll to suit your preferences, making a unique product for you.

Why do many Dolls have only one in stock?

Many of our ranges are unique - such as Vintage & Unique and Liberty - giving you a totally individual Doll.  While we may use the fabric pattern in other outfits, the garment you choose in these ranges are one-of-a-kind and will not be repeated.  This is why many of the Dolls you view only have one available, and once he or she is sold, the model is no longer available.

Other ranges Limited, Christmas, and the garments in the Bedtime & Special wardrobe range, may have a few of each garment style available.  So again each Doll (when you have added in preferences for eyes, hair and skin tone) is a special and unique Doll 

The popular Pirates & Princesses range however is always available and has many favourites.  However Dolls are not identical and depend on your choice of eye, hair and skin tone to create a highly individual Doll.